CarboCode - The glycosphingolipid company
CarboCode is seeking for new solutions to commercialize the next generation of glycoproducts
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CarboCode is an innovation focused start-up company dedicated for the technology development, production and commercialization of glycosphingolipids and their precursors/intermediates in pharmaceutical, nutrition, dietary supplement, cosmetic and intermediate industries.

CarboCode’s primary aim is to develop a novel glycosphingolipid product family and related treatment protocols in order to prevent and fight against age related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons’s disease and Huntington’s disease. Furthermore, CarboCode’s aim is to provide novel glycosphingolipid treatments for after stroke conditions and spinal cord injuries. CarboCode is also involved in finding nutritional solutions for enhancing cognitive capabilities of all age groups.

CarboCode has been utilizing the most powerful synthetic technologies such as carbohydrate/lipid chemistry, in vivo and in vitro biotechnology along with related purification/isolation methodologies to access carbohydrate, lipid and glycoconjugate targets.